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It is with great pleasure that I invite you to “A Grand Adventure”, the 18th APTTA Convention and Expo in Melbourne, hosted by the Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of Victoria. The convention will run from the 17th – 20th October 2019 at Hyatt Place in Essendon Fields, Melbourne.
It has been 18 years since the convention was held in Melbourne, so with much anticipation and hard work, the PTTGV will be offering a wonderful program with technical presentations and social events for everyone’s enjoyment.

The 2019 convention will:

• Present learning opportunities for all piano technicians of all abilities.
• Showcase technology, foster skill development, and provide strategies to enable the ongoing success of the profession into the future.
• Promote the Australian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association in a positive and inviting way for closer industry connection.

The convention’s aim and focus will be to:

• Create opportunities for technicians of all abilities including hobbyists, restorers and professionals.
• Provide education, showcase our field, and create an opportunity for the general public to become more familiar with our range of connected industries.
• Provide access to resources and product information via a trade display, while sharing ideas and connecting members of our industry.
• Showcase new technology and strategies in accordance with like-minded industries such as manufacturers, to promote future development.
• Promote, educate and work with members of the music industry such as VMTA, AMA and AMEB corporations.
• Bring together like-minded industries and groups to encourage future involvement in APTTA conventions.

Please join us in making this Convention and Piano Expo the best it can possibly be. We think the piano industry is a fantastic adventure, with great people connecting it.

I invite you to join us in Melbourne for “A Grand Adventure”.


Yours sincerely,
Bradley Saul
Hon. President PTTG Victoria




Bradley Saul – President
Ben Briggs – Vice President
Bryce Clark – Secretary
Jonathan Parise – Treasurer
Brent Ottley – Committee
Julian Morgan-Smith – Committee
Christine McCrae – Committee

Registration closing dates
Early bird closes: Wednesday 31st July 2019
Regular registration closes: Friday 20th September 2019

Registration desk opens: Thursday 17th October 2019
Lectures and technical program: Friday 18th – Sunday 20th October 2019
Piano Expo: Saturday 19th October 2019

Welcome Reception: Thursday 17 October 2019
Dinner at Copacabana International, Brazilian Restaurant: Friday 18th October 2019
Gala Dinner at Goona Warra Winery: Saturday 19th October 2019




Piano Expo


The 2019 APTTA Convention hosted by the Piano Tuners & Technicians Guild of Victoria, will open its Piano Expo to the public on Saturday 19th October 2019 between 12:00pm and 3:00pm. Come and participate to be in the draw to win a new Piano!

A wonderful opportunity for teachers, parents, students and piano lovers of all ages to come and see a wonderful range of pianos on display from multiple manufacturers in one easy location. Supported by members of the Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of Victoria.

The Piano Expo will be held at the Australian Events Centre (Hyatt Place, Essendon Fields) with plenty of parking and easy access from the freeway. If you love pianos, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to come along and speak directly with the experts before choosing the piano that’s right for you.


Amey Piano Works
Australia Piano World
Australian Piano Warehouse
Bernies Music Land
Grandwork Tools
Parke Piano Strings & Materials
Randi Potter School of Piano Technology
Steinway Galleries Australia
Wilhelm Schimmel
Yamaha Music Australia



The APTTA 2019 Convention committee acknowledges the valuable contribution of the
2019 sponsors and exhibitors. Special thanks to our Platinum Sponsor Piano World Australia.

Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsors

• Piano Tuners and Technicians
• Australian Music Industry Representatives
• Music Teachers and Educators
• General Public

• An exciting lecture program with presentations by key industry technicians.
• Piano Expo open to the public.
• Social functions including:
  • Welcome reception.
  • Dinner at Copacabana International Brazilian Restaurant with famed Brazilian meats on the menu, drinks and live show entertainment.
• Gala dinner – Goona Warra Winery with fine wine, food, entertainment and more.
• Tour and partners program.

The convention and Piano Expo will be held in the Hyatt Place Convention and Exhibition Centre in Essendon Fields. The centre is a short distance from the airport, close to Keilor Road shopping precinct with a wide range of restaurants, shops and much more. The hotel is waking distance to the Airport West tram which goes into the Melbourne Central Business district.


The APTTA 2019 Convention committee acknowledges the valuable contribution of the
2019 sponsors and exhibitors.

Piano and Lanyard Sponsors
David Amey

David Amey (AUSTRALIA)

David Amey was apprenticed at BB whitehouse in 1980 after 4 years. He worked for 3 more years before going out on his own. From then to today he has been striving to improve the quality of pianos, doing courses with Kawai, Yamaha and Steinway obtaining accreditations . David has restored many concert Grands from the ground up, for QUT conservatorium, QPAC, civic centres, town halls and privately. David always strives for a better way to repair and improve the quality of the sound, touch and general finish.

Fitting grand, upright and digital Amey piano cradles

After many years of designing and manufacturing ,what I believe are the best cradles you can    purchase to enable even the weakest of people to move pianos with ease, many added upgrades incorporated such as stability screws and quality wheels also 100% build in Australia using Australia businesses.

Timothy Barnes

Timothy Barnes (USA)

Timothy Barnes, RPT is the co‑founder of Gazelle the all‑in‑one‑business‑management‑ software for piano technicians. He is also an RPT and the founder of The Well‑Loved Piano Company a successful piano service business that employs multiple technicians. He holds a degree in Business Administration and has dedicated his career to helping piano technicians build stronger businesses.

Gazelle AllInOneBusinessManagementSoftware for Piano Technicians

Gazelle’s all‑in‑one business management software will transform your piano service business. This new technology will help you save time & wow your customers. No more phone calls, no long email chains trying to find a time that works. Just intelligent automation provided by Gazelle.


Gazelle Maximize Your Business

Geared towards young businesses and new piano technicians, this class demonstrates how Gazelle helps you build & maximize your piano service business. We will cover marketing, managing your business on the go, and things you can do to easily increase your revenue this coming year.

Mark Bolsius

Mark Bolsius (AUSTRALIA)

Mark Bolsius ARPT – Most recently (since 2014), Mark took over from David Lawson in Wangaratta – following his retirement - and has been running Touchstone Pianos from there. As a busy tuner, sometimes rebuilder, occasional piano mover and Kawai retailer his life reflects the need for business diversity and flexibility, especially working in a regional area. This is the logical step following a busy life as a tuner/technician in Canberra and a short stint as a barista and bookseller in Merimbula. Getting back to pianos has been a real rekindling of a passion around pianos. But as age creeps up on us all, his show and tell session on the PianiLift2 identifies the limits we have to put on our bodies as we age despite still having to deal with piano logistics.

Piano Lift 2 - Show and tell

Following the retirement of his very skilled local piano mover, Mark realised he had to become self-sufficient, rather than rely on general removalists who were not skilled in the subtleties of piano moving. Having seen many different types of specific piano moving equipment on various videos and websites, he chose to invest (heavily) in a machine that would do most of the hard work. Meet PianoLift2 – a device that will carry pianos (upright and grand) up and down stairs, over most types of terrain, on and off vehicles, stages and in and out of homes. And it does this with very little physical input from the operator. It’s not perfect (name a removalist that is!) - it’s got shortcomings, many have solutions, some don’t… hear and see what this ‘gizmo’ is all about, warts and all.

Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown (USA)

Chris Brown RPT started work as a piano technician in 1977. A graduate of North Bennet Street School, he

has been college technician, concert tuner, rebuilder, private customer piano-care provider, and teacher, and recently, designer, engineer, and manufacturer, with the development of the Grandwork System.

The Grandwork System: A New Approach to Grand Regulating

Session 1 - Introduction to the Grandwork System and a demonstration of bedding and sampling in the piano

Session 2: Setting up on the bench and using the samples to recreate bedding and strike. The Custom Keybed supports the action as if it's in the piano and the Regulating Rack provides strike, hammer scale, hammerline, letoff, and drop.

Session 3: The Squaring Platform allows traveling and squaring of hammers to vertical. This simplifies the action, improving performance, and allows leveling and mating in one step, improving tone.

Session 4: Finally, some regulating at the Regulation Station. Protocols place steps in an order that does not undo work already done. And the action fits back in the piano!

Les Davies

Les Davies (AUSTRALIA)

Les is the sole director of Keith Davies Piano Tuning established 1967. Keith was known and respected in the trade throughout Australia.  After several years part time, Les joined Keith as an apprentice in 1982.  Les has been in the trade full time ever since, employing several tradesmen, labourers and apprentices; restoring, selling uprights, grands and player pianos.

Bradley Saul

Bradley Saul (AUSTRALIA)

Living in country Victoria, Bradley has been a Piano Technician since completing the Australasian School of Piano Technology course in 2011. His love and passion in life is Farming and playing the Highland Bagpipes. These two combinations surely prove success for any conversation starter. Especially in the country. His passion for the piano industry has seen him being on the committee of the Victorian Piano Tuners Guild since 2012, and four years as President.

Helpful Hints For The Tired And Neglected

We all come across pianos that are very old, not working properly and have not been tuned for many years. Les's experience in this field is vast and he will be happy to share his experiences, short cuts, tricks of the trade etc. On pianos and player pianos.

Luca Fazioli

Luca Fazioli (ITALY)

Second generation of the homonymous Italian piano factory producing handmade grand and concert grand pianos near Venice, Luca has been working in the Company since the age of 15. After earning his Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management, he was appointed Dealers and Artists Relations Manager.

Outlook into the unique FAZIOLI manufacturing process

The discussion will include an overview of crucial technical features, with a special focus on soundboard, use of different woods and materials, combination of artisan skills and the most advanced technologies, continuous commitment to scientific research, new patents and much more.

Kevin Hanna and Nathan Smith

Kevin Hanna & Nathan Smith (NEW ZEALAND)

Playing piano from the age of 7, Kevin completed his Teacher’s Diploma and Music Degree before starting a tuning apprenticeship in 2000. Kevin has built up a successful business looking after more than 2000 pianos with one of NZ’s larger rebuilding workshops taking on all aspects of major restorations.

Nathan started his career as a Piano Technician in 2005, from polishing brass screws to restringing grands and by chance a Player piano. After getting over the smell of Broiled glue and the1000’s of screws, He was hooked! Nathan has now experienced rebuilding Push-ups to Reed organs, Gulbranson’s to Wurlitzer's

Restoring Player Pianos for the future

We would like to share our skills and knowledge of honest and reliable techniques giving consistently accurate results. A look into traditional v’s modern materials and preserving your rolls for the future with the Virtual MIDI Roll System, unlimited songs played from any smart device.


Pianola - tips for easier rebuilds and better materials for the perfect results

Bringing sound and music to silent movies on a grand scale. Nearing completion of this 10 year project, Photoplayer Restoration Trust have been resurrecting this rare colossal instrument back to life. 100 years old, uncovered in a dirt floor lean-to, the second of only two in the world.

Michael Hendry

Michael Hendry (AUSTRALIA)

Pianos Recycled creator Mike Hendry is a tuner, restorer, retailer and importer with over 40 years experience. Horrified about the landfill-outcome of so many still-functioning instruments, and the sheer waste of material lost in the process, Mike co-founded Pianos Recycled to address a unique 21st Century problem.

Recycling the Piano - A Future for the Ageing Instrument

Recycling the piano: Why Australia is the perfect place. A brief overview of the piano in Australia, political, economic and social significance, leading to contemporary issues due to 19th Century popularity. We look at the importance of sharing knowledge and provenance and how our profession can look beyond the instrument to make a difference.

Lothar Kiesch

Lothar Kiesche (GERMANY)

Lothar Kiesche was trained as a piano builder (Klavierbauer) and made his MBA university degree before he joined the company in 1999. He started as a sales representative, was responsible for Schimmels overall marketing from 2006 and became Director of Sales & Marketing in 2008.

Nils Hasse

Nils Hasse (GERMANY)

Nils Hasse started at Schimmel in 1999 and became Klavierbauer after his formal apprenticeship. He worked practically in every factory department before he made his exam to become Klavierbaumeister. Since then he worked in leading positions in several departments. He contributed major parts to Schimmel’s new piano designs and is today responsible for our quality management, our apprentice program and coordinates the technical side of our various product series.

Variety instead of monoculture of sound

Nils Hasse will give a short introduction into the current status of what we call "monoculture of sound" and what Schimmel does to break this fossilised world to bring more variety into todays


Voicing Masterclass

Part 1 and 2: There exists various ideas about piano sound just like there are various methods to voice an instrument accordingly. The seminar is designed to introduce into general knowledge about voicing and to demonstrate Schimmel´s philosophy of sound and how to voice instruments accordingly. The seminar starts with a presentation (theory) and will be followed by a „hands on“ part, where Nils Hasse demonstrates Schimmel´s way of voicing and where participants can try themselves on a Schimmel grand piano.

David Jenkin

David Jenkin (NEW ZEALAND)

David qualified as a piano tuner / technician in Switzerland. Working in New Zealand from 1985 built up an excellent reputation, concert tuning and ran a large rebuilding workshop employing at one stage 8 staff and training several technicians. Still working at being semi-retired David continues to make regular contributions to workshops. He has given presentations on a wide range piano servicing and repair topics for the New Zealand PTTG, the Victorian Guild, and the Australasian Association at its Auckland, Sydney 2000 and 2013, Perth 2002 and 2015, Adelaide and Gold Coast conventions, and at the 2009 IAPBT convention in Brisbane.

“After the ETD”. Aural tuning skills in the age of the ETD

A re-visiting of traditional aural and dextrous skills plus some insights and new skills necessary to tune well in the age of the ETD.

Julian Morgan-Smith

Julian Morgan-Smith (AUSTRALIA)

Julian Morgan-Smith is the Piano Technical Manager at Yamaha Music Australia. Julian graduated from the Australasian School of Piano Technology where he then worked at Theme and Variations Piano Services in both Sydney and Melbourne. Julian started with Yamaha in 2019 and has since undergone further training at the Yamaha factory in Kakegawa, Japan.

The Yamaha Disklavier Enspire system: new and improved

Julian will be talking about new features, servicing tips and procedures for Disklavier Enspire along with general service news with Yamaha pianos.

Ron Overs


Ron Overs is well known Master Technician across the world for this ingenuity and innovative style when it comes to rebuilding pianos. Ron trained as a piano technician with Murry Warner in 1975, then established his piano service business in 1976. In 1999, he designed the Overs Action, which was granted a US patent and has since become the standard action for all Overs Grand Pianos. Seven Overs Grand Pianos were built from 2000- 2008. A new Overs upright piano design has evolved over the past twenty five years and in 2019, the piano is finally drawing near to its completion. Ron will be talking about the design, rebuilding and regulation aspects for technicians in Australia.

Rebuilding, Regulation and Service- for tone building

A coverage of various aspects of rebuilding, including which instruments are suitable candidates for major work. Regulation and set-up tips for achieving good control and tone from an instrument for today.

Randi Potter

Randi Potter (USA)

New methods in training for starter tuners. How to help others become associated with our industry.

Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan (AUSTRALIA)

Elite levels of experience both domestically and abroad plus an array of internationally recognized qualifications, Michael Ryan is one of Australia’s most skilled, qualified and dedicated piano technicians and brings with him over 40 years of commitment to the industry.

How to choose the correct replacement parts

Michael will demonstrate to participants how to calculate new replacement parts for old pianos using action geometry.

Rob Walker

Rob Walker (AUSTRALIA)

CEO Australian Music Association

Rob Walker has been involved in events and organisation management and in the marketing and promotions fields for over 30 years. He was central in the development of major events such as the St Kilda Festival, Melbourne Music Festival, Melbourne Guitar Shows, Australian International Music Shows, AMAC Conventions, The Audio Engineering Society Convention among others. Until 2000 he was the executive director of the Australian Music Association, after which time he moved to San Diego, California as director of market development at NAMM, the International Music Products Association. This position also encompassed acting as Executive Director of the American Music Conference, a not-for-profit organisation promoting the benefits of music making and music education. Upon his return to Australia in 2005, he was appointed National Marketing Manager of Allans Music Group, Australia's leading full-line music retailer. Rob,currently, is again executive officer for the Australian Music Association, and the producer of the Melbourne Guitar Show and other AMA events. He is also past president of the Australian Music Association. Rob is also an active musician, playing with acts such as The Manikins, Crakajak, Spiff Rouch, Jack Howard and many others.

Insights into Australian Piano Market.

In conjunction with Michael Slade, Stefan Krcmarov, Bernie Capicchiano

The Australian Music Association is able to contribute to our conference by reporting on the piano market, and giving an overview of the size, category & value trends historically in the keyboard market and provide a forum for the discussion of the future of our industry. We have assembled a senior panel of AMA members, including Vice-president, Michael Shade, CEO, Rob Walker, past-president, Bernie Capicchiano, leading retailer Stefan Krcmarov of Australian Piano Warehouse and Yamaha’s Marketing Manager for Traditional Products, Cameron Tait to provide some insights into their thinking about the present and future, about the impact of hybrid product groups and future industry skill requirements. We hope this may develop into an open discussion so that the insights of others can also be shared.

Christopher Whelan

Christopher Whelan (AUSTRALIA)

Chris came to Piano tuning from a farming background studying Agricultural Science before ending up with Sun Rice in a Rice Milling Factory before transferring across into Quality Control ,ending up in management and an ulcer in the same company .In 1983 he was accepted into the Piano tuning course at the Sydney Conservatorium and from then  until now has worked in his own Piano Tuning Business in Echuca as well as thirty eight odd assorted  trips to China Korea and Japan working with John Martin and Wertheim Pianos as Quality Control and Technical Advisor.  Currently he is trying to slow down his work schedule and take things a little easier!

Piano Vermin, Finishes, Dusts, Poisons and your Wellbeing

Chris will be looking at the ramifications of Rats Mice Insects as well as Lacquers, Polyesters and Dusts distributed and generated within the piano.

Randall Woltz

Randall Woltz (USA)

Randall Woltz has been a member of the Piano Technicians Guild in the U.S. since 1973. He has taught at several national conventions and has many years’ experience restoring pianos and improving the actions on these instruments.

Action Centers

This class discusses the importance of action centres in the piano-centre pins, re-bushing, repair, reaming-on all types of pianos. Many detailed pictures will be shown and you will see the world's largest Flange.

Dr Li Zhi Yeoh

Dr Li Zhi Yeoh ( USA )

Li Yeoh is the Director of Piano Technology and faculty at the Florida State University College of Music. The unique piano technology degree program comprises the Master of Arts in Piano Technology, a premier program worldwide that provides a real-world artistic collaboration between emerging students, world-class faculty and guest artists.

Master of Arts in Piano Technology at the FSU College of Music

The presentation will walk you through the Piano Technology Program that provides advanced, graduate level training in piano technology and educational experiences within one of the most comprehensive music colleges in the U.S.A. Advanced study within the program includes action geometry analysis, diagnostics, and resolution; concert voicing; and restoration techniques.



Schimmel Pianos



Welcome Reception (Optional)
Thursday 17th October 2019
Cost: AUD $55 per head inc. GST.
Venue: Hyatt Place
Includes: Finger food, hot fork dishes and 1 hour drinks package

Dinner at Copacabana International Restaurant (optional)
Friday 18th October 2019, 7:00 pm
Cost: AUD $80 per head inc. GST.
Children’s rate: $40 for ages between 4 and 12 years old (must be
accompanied by an adult)
Includes: Return coach transfers to and from Hyatt Place, traditional Brazilian
BBQ Grill offering 7 choices of meat, buffet of salads, hot dishes, desserts,
drinks package, entertainment with live Latin band, Latin floorshow and DJ.
Dress code: Smart casual

Goona Warra Winery Formal Dinner (Optional)
Saturday 19th October 2019, 7:00 pm
Cost: $110 per head inc. GST.
Includes: Return coach transfer to Goona Warra Winery, 3 course meal including entrée, main, dessert, freshly brewed tea and coffee, Goona Warra drinks package and entertainment.
Dress code: Lounge suit


All fees are inclusive of GST and are in Australian dollars
Early Bird Registration: Closes Wednesday 31st July 2019
Guild Member AUD$495
Non Member AUD$594

Regular Registration: Closes Friday 20th September 2019
Guild Member AUD$550
Non Member AUD$660
Trainee AUD$330

APTTA Membership
For enquiries regarding membership please visit http://www.pianotuners.asn.au

Registration closing dates
Early-bird – 31st July 2019
Regular registration – 20th September 2019


• More than 30 days prior to convention - $110 administration fee.
• No refunds after Friday 20 September 2019 (substitute participant accepted).
• Substitute participants welcome even prior to 20 September 2019.
• Changes and/or cancellations for registration bookings must be made in writing and sent to A.M. Meetings Plus P/L by email to aptta19@ammp.com.au
• Changes and cancellations to hotel bookings are subject to group booking conditions at the venue’s discretion.


A.M. Meetings Plus Pty Ltd
PO Box 16 Ascot Vale VIC 3032 Australia
Phone: + 61 (0)3 9372 7182
Mobile: (+61) 0412 352 300
Email: aptta19@ammp.com.au

bar Amey Piano Works bar



Hyatt Place Hotel

Address:  1 English St, Essendon Fields, Melbourne


Room options – all rates are per room per night only

Standard King Room


Mountain View King Room


City View King Room


Twin Share Room with 2 Queen Beds



Accommodation Inclusions

Guestroom rate includes Free breakfast and Wi-Fi

Check-in time from 1500 hrs and check-out time is 12 noon


Bookings made on the Convention registration forms including electronic are part of a group block booking with the hotel. Block bookings are made on behalf of Convention delegates to ensure availability of accommodation during the convention and to reduce the impact of price fluctuations which occur during major events.
Block bookings are subject to different terms and conditions to regular individual bookings. For this reason full payment is required in advance and all changes or cancellations to bookings MUST be made in writing to A.M. Meetings Plus and NOT to the hotel directly. Cancellations to group bookings are at the discretion of the hotel and are subject to group booking conditions.

1. Rates are available by booking on the convention registration form only or securely using the register on-line link at
2. Full payment in advance is required (see terms and conditions).
3. Bookings are strictly subject to availability and early reservations are recommended.
4. Changes and cancellations MUST be made in writing to A.M. Meetings Plus on aptta19@ammp.com.au and not directly to the hotel.
5. If your changes incur additional costs, please include your written authorisation to charge the card already provided for the balance.
6. Please note that ‘no shows’ or cancellations in full or partial may be subject to penalties at the discretion of the venue and may not be eligible for a refund.
7. All rates listed are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of the 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax.
8. Check your personal itinerary for check in and out times. Earlier and/or later check in/out will be at the discretion of the venue and may be subject to additional fees.
9. Tax invoices and personal itineraries will be issued on receipt of your booking and once full payment has been processed.
10. Room rate includes free breakfast and Wi-Fi
11. Note that disbursements and other expenses must be paid directly to the hotel prior to departure.
12. A credit card imprint may be required on check in for disbursements and other hotel expenses.


Spring in Melbourne (September – November)
The Spring average temperatures in Melbourne range from 9.6 - 19.6°C (49.3 - 67.3°F). The weather is the most variable than at other times of the year, and weather can change quickly from calm and sunny to cold and windy. Pack your umbrella – October is the wettest month with roughly 10 days of rainfall.

Getting to Melbourne
International travellers
Melbourne Airport is serviced by around 30 international airlines, and is just a 25 minute drive from the city. Direct flights to Melbourne are available from London, North America Ex Los Angeles or Ex New York/Toronto. From New Zealand, fly direct (ex Auckland) in approximately 3.5 hours. Please visit the respective airline websites for full details and flight schedules and costs.

Domestic travellers
Melbourne is serviced by all major domestic air carriers including Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Tigerair. Jetstar also flies from Avalon Airport near Geelong and regional airlines Qantas Link and REX (Regional Express) fly to Melbourne. Please visit the respective airline websites for full details and flight schedules and costs.

Getting around Melbourne
Melbourne is services by a range of public transport.
Taxi Cabs - Taxi services are readily available at all airports. Cab fares vary depending on the destination and length of travel time.
Yellow cab – 131924 or visit http://yellowcab.com.au/
Black and White cabs – 131 008 or visit http://blackandwhitecabs.com.au/cms/pages/!/display.html



myki cards
myki is Melbourne’s ticket to travel on the city’s trains, trams and buses. It’s a plastic smartcard with stored value which can be topped up and re-used again. Purchase your myki online at https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/ premium train stations, retail outlets displaying the myki sign (including 7-Elevens), or by calling 1800 800 007 (free from a land line) in Australia.

Myki explorer
For flexible travel, buy a myki explorer pack at https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/myki/buy-a-myki/myki-explorer, SkyBus terminals and some hotels. Packs include a pre-loaded myki card with enough value for one day of travel in Zone 1 and 2. The pack includes instructions on how to use myki, a Melbourne tram map and discount entry to Melbourne attractions.

Car Rental
Car rental is available from Melbourne Airport. You may enquire at the car rental counters for additional information and costs. Please ensure you have an approved international or Australian driver’s licence.

Convention participants carry their own risk for personal injury or loss of property, including baggage, during the convention. We strongly recommend that, at the time of booking your travel and tours, you take out a travel insurance policy. This policy should take into account loss of deposit through cancellation, medical insurance, loss or damage to personal property, and financial loss incurred through disruption to accommodation or travel arrangements due to business failures, strikes, or other industrial action. The organisers are in no way responsible for any claims concerning

Privacy Statement: If you do not want your name, organisation and state/country details to appear on the convention delegate list, please ensure you tick the relevant section on the Registration Form. The delegate list will be distributed to all convention participants.

In registering for this convention, relevant details you supply may be incorporated into a delegate list for distribution at the convention. Your details will also be made available to parties directly related to the convention including A.M. Meetings Plus P/L, the convention Committee, banks, venues and accommodation and tour providers for the purposes of processing payments, room bookings and convention options. Your details and information will also be added to the convention database in order to liaise and correspond with you in relation to your attendance. Please note that should you not wish your details to be used in the manner described above, we may be unable to process your booking or registration.

Disclaimer: The information published in this document has been prepared for the clients and associates of the Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of Victoria Inc (PTTGV). No responsibility for any loss occasioned to any person acting on or refraining from action as a result of information in this publication is accepted by its authors, the convention organisers A.M. Meetings Plus P/L, PTTGV, APTTA or its affiliates. The contents of this document are accurate at the time of printing however, the committee reserves the right to make changes as it sees fit. © PTTGV 2018


You can register securely online following the links at https://secure.clari.net.au/mp/aptta19/reg.php. Please read all information carefully. To secure your place, complete and submit the form with your payment by the due date.

Your registration fee includes:
Attendance at convention lectures and sessions on days of registration.
Convention satchel and documentation.
Registration coffee, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea where applicable.
Access to the Piano Expo.

Guidelines to complete the online form
2. Compulsory fields must be completed in order to activate the submit button.
3. Full credit card payment is required with this form.
4. All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD$) and include 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).
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6. Changes/cancellations to accommodation bookings may be subject to venue imposed fees and penalties.
7. On submission of the online form a summary of your registration will appear on the screen. Please print a copy for your records.
8. Once your registration is processed you will be issued a confirmation letter, Tax Invoice, and accommodation itinerary if applicable.

9. Please note – If paying by credit card, the following will appear on your bank statement “AM MEETINGS PLUS P L MOONEE PONDS” and that a $220 fee will apply if an authorised transaction is queried and reversed without warning, once it has been approved, processed and receipted.


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