Important information: COVID-19, future workshops and meetings

The committee has been keeping a close eye on the increasing public health concerns surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). As you may be aware, recent statements from the Australian Government are recommending social distancing and avoidance of large social gatherings.

For these reasons, please be aware that this may affect guild events until further notice. This applies specifically to the workshop originally scheduled for May 14th.

We also recommend that all guild members keep up to date with recommendations from trusted sources such as official government websites or the website of the World Health Organisation regarding how best to keep themselves and others healthy during this period. Please visit this link for up to date information from the Australian Government.
When it comes to our work as piano technicians, here is some additional information from the American Piano Technicians Guild (PTG):
Special care should be taken when using disinfectant products on a piano.
General recommendations:
  • Use alcohol-based disinfectants, do not use bleach-based disinfectants or any product containing citrus.
  • If using a spray put a small amount of disinfectant on the towel and not the piano. 
  • Immediately after use put the towel or disinfectant hand wipe in the trash and wash your hands thoroughly. Do not use reusable towels or cloths which could spread germs to your kit or the next customer.
  • Always follow up with a dry towel and never leave any liquids on the piano or keys. 
  • Always test the disinfectant in a discrete area before moving forward to ensure there is no adverse reaction. Check to make sure the finish does not come off on the wipe or towel, the finish discolors or changes sheen. If none of this happens after a few minutes, you should be able to proceed. 
  • High gloss polyester is the most durable to almost any store-bought disinfectants. Make sure to always follow up with a dry towel. 
  • Polyurethane and lacquer finishes require a more careful approach. Disinfectant wipes and sprays may be harmful to these finishes. Test an area first. In these cases, Cheng recommends a few drops of hand/dish soap with warm water on a towel. Make sure to always follow up with a dry towel. 
  • For satin pianos always wipe down the piano in the direction of the 'hand rubbed' finish or grain. Going in the opposite direction may result in hazing or scratch marks. 
  • Cleaning pianos is a gentle process not a scrubbing process. Pressing hard or vigorous scrubbing may lead to scratching or removing the finish. Always proceed with caution and use common sense. Remember to wash your hands after you have thrown away the towels or wipes.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact any member of the committee.


Benjamin Briggs
President - PTTGV