About Us

We are a non-profit organisation which was formed by an enthusiastic group of young Tuners/Technicians who wanted to raise the profile of our trade and profession. The Guild has grown tremendously since those times and we are also associated with the Australasian Piano Tuners & Technicians Association. (A.P.T.T.A.)

Late in 1980, an idea was formed that Piano Tuners/Technicians should get together to see if enough support was there to start a Victorian Tuners Guild. With enough phone calls to Tuners who were known to each other a meeting was organized in October of that year. From that very first meeting it was clear that a formal vote should be taken to create the "PIANO TUNERS and TECHNICIANS GUILD of VICTORIA"

The Piano Tuners and Technician Guild Victoria Inc. is a non-profit international organization of professional piano service specialists. Through its workshops, newsletters and bi-annual conventions, the Guild is the leading source of continuing education in the piano service field. The field of Piano Technology is an unregulated trade. Therefore the Piano Technicians Guild has set its own standards of quality for piano technicians. The Guild administers a testing program of three examinations covering all aspects of piano technology. A member passing the examinations becomes a Registered Piano Technician, or A.R.P.T.

For the highest quality piano service, you should always use a member of the Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild.