Workshop Notice: Hybrid Piano Servicing + Casework Cutting and Polishing - Sat 22 Feb @ Yamaha Premium Centre

Year after year the sales of hybrid pianos have been increasing alongside those of acoustic pianos. The term 'hybrid piano' refers broadly to any acoustic piano with added electronic capabilities. I will be presenting the different models of hybrid piano Yamaha are currently selling and showing hands-on the different servicing techniques required for these instruments.

Procedures such as replacing key shutters, disconnecting action cables and sensor calibration are all simple procedures to perform, but doing them for the first time in a customers home can be a daunting task. I'm looking forward to giving technicians the chance to get comfortable with these procedures in order to better prepare them for servicing these pianos out in the field.

I will also briefly present my methods for cutting and polishing polyester casework. I often cut and polish the top lid of grand pianos in institutions as it’s the surface that tends to get the most scratched over time. Renewing the shine of a pianos’ surface is a great way to impress a client and can be done relatively quickly and easily.

The workshop will be hosted at:
Yamaha Premium Piano Centre
17B Market St, South Melbourne
February 22nd @ 11am

Lunch and drinks will be provided on the day. If you could please RSVP as soon as possible to organise catering it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Julian Morgan-Smith
Secretary - PTTGV
0439 039 509